My First Verse Novel — ‘Moon in Veil’

©️ Image by the Author Simran Kankas

“With reins in my hands, the horse of my dreams is unstoppable and under control at the same time.” — Simran Kankas

When I was a little girl, I did not have anyone with whom I could laugh and share things. Although there were plenty of children with whom I could play, my happiest and sweetest hours were spent in the company of loneliness, which bothered me a lot almost every day. I remember, one night, I was sitting alone on the porch trying to understand the reason for my lonely tears. My tiny mind and sad heart could not…

My First Poetry Book

Image credit ©️ Simran Kankas

“While walking in life, you leave your footprints behind. Make sure you choose the right path. Someone might follow it someday.” — Simran Kankas

Dreams do come true!

Whenever I get confused about anything or feel overwhelmed, I pick up my pen and diary and start writing. Sometimes writing a poem helps me get the answer to the question running in my head at the time or a simple quote solves the puzzle. I can say with absolute certainty that writing is like a therapy to me.

“Keep on shaking your dreams. That’s the only way to to reach your…

A Short Story with Poetry

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Dussehra is a Hindu festival. It symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.

One of the stories behind this festival is Ram’s victory over Raavan.

Raavan was the powerful king of the demons. He did penance for years to please Lord Brahma. As a result of which Lord brahma appeared and granted Raavan his boon where he asked not to be killed by gods, demons, or spirits. As time passed by, he got more powerful and arrogant. The demons began to disturb the sages and seers. …

A Spiritual Poem

©️ Illustration by the author Simran Kankas

the moon blushed while
talking to the wind and said

i am in love with sky
but do not know how to
express myself
i am a little shy

the wind blew a little
to make the sky comfortable
it said with a giggle

do you not know my dear
earth loves sky as much
as sky loves earth
even though they both
know the truth that
they can never meet
they long for one hug

the moon sighed
with a heavy heart
it replied

i know about them but i cannot lie to my heart which is ready to…

A short story

Photo by Mahmudul Hasan Shaon on Unsplash

“I want you to promise me something,” Vera said to Richie.

“I’ll do what you want me to do. I will do anything. Our relationship means everything to me.” Richie said. He did not want to upset his girlfriend.

Vera looked him in the eye and said, “Tell me that you will never use this ashtray in life?”

Richie did not say a word.

“It is true that I want you to quit smoking, but I am not forcing you to do it. I am saying this because I love you and I care for you.”

“You are not forcing…

A Spiritual Poetry

Image by Radosław Cieśla from Pixabay

Wearing the cloak of the spring
the morning came by
It lit me up and
my lonely sky

Beautiful monarchs filled my garden
They turned it into a rainbow
Honey bees played jazz
They took away my blues
Gave me a dream
for a hopeful tomorrow
and many reasons
to not create sorrow

Birds brought life to
my otherwise empty nest
Wind caressed me
It knew I had need for rest

I opened the door that day
and I am glad I heard happiness
The morning showered the
flowers and their fragrance
making a beautiful entrance

I can roam freely…

A Love Poetry

Photo by Joe Yates on Unsplash

When you touch me I feel like
the moon has caressed the sun
Two opposite worlds
meet to become one

My heart skips a beat
to freeze this moment
a little bit longer
I no longer have control over it
but it is not against my will
Time simply stands still

No one has witnessed before
such a divine spark in the hearts
The universe is awestruck
by the sight of our love
Saying the stars

This language of love only your eyes understand and only my eyes speak My dreams have wings now They are reaching for the sky…

A Spiritual Verse

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I carry a star in my heart
Heart understands the language of the universe
The universe cradles me with love

Love is the reason I dream
Dream takes me to a different world

World that breathes peace
Peace is what the wind seeks these days

Days long for a bright night
Night feels lonely without the moon

The moon hides behind the clouds
Clouds of doubt block the rainbow

Rainbow is an upside down smile
Smile that never gets old

Old stories create a new one
One that I love to listen to

To have more reasons to celebrate life…

Spiritual Significance of worshipping Lord Ram on Chaitra Navratri

Ram Navami —

Ram Navami is one of the auspicious festivals in the Hindu religion. It marks the birth of Lord Ram(an incarnation of God Vishnu). It usually falls on the ninth day of Chaitra Navratri and is celebrated during the month of March/April.

Devotees observe fast for nine days. Some fast only on the first and last day of Ram Navami. It depends upon one’s own will and desires. It has another significance of getting body and mind purified.

Spiritual Significance of Ram Navami —

Ram Navami is a festival of beliefs, faith, self-realization of truth, destruction of ego, lust, and anger. …

Simran Kankas

Author of ‘Beyond and Within’ — and ‘Moon in Veil’ —

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