My First Poetry Book

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“While walking in life, you leave your footprints behind. Make sure you choose the right path. Someone might follow it someday.” — Simran Kankas

Dreams do come true!

Whenever I get confused about anything or feel overwhelmed, I pick up my pen and diary and start writing. Sometimes writing a poem helps me get the answer to the question running in my head at the time or a simple quote solves the puzzle. I can say with absolute certainty that writing is like a therapy to me.

“Keep on shaking your dreams. That’s the only way to to reach your destination, yet continue your journey.”

A Short Story with Poetry

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Photo by Samuele Giglio on Unsplash

Dussehra is a Hindu festival. It symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.

One of the stories behind this festival is Ram’s victory over Raavan.

Raavan was the powerful king of the demons. He did penance for years to please Lord Brahma. As a result of which Lord brahma appeared and granted Raavan his boon where he asked not to be killed by gods, demons, or spirits. As time passed by, he got more powerful and arrogant. The demons began to disturb the sages and seers. …


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Photo by Manuel Boxler on Unsplash

the soul of the universe
wanders the garden of love
inhales the freshness of morning
by kissing the flower petals

wind whispers the love poetry
tides of feelings run high
with love paddles

lush green trees
open their arms
embrace the sunlight
and its charm

leaves thrive and flutter
as the morning dew comes
freshly cut grass dances
as the clouds drum

it is always beautiful
when love is natural
a divine breeze blows
healing the wounds
visible or invisible

with love in the air
romance at its peak
silence has its own language
when nature speaks

©️ Simran Kankas 2020. All Rights Reserved. …

A Sarcastic short story

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Photo by Wiebrig Krakau on Unsplash

Man 1: Would you mind scooting over?
Man 2: Yes, I would.

Man 1: Could you tell me why?
Man 2: I could, but I will not.

Man 1: Have you ever been told you have no manners?
Man 2: Plenty of times.

Man 1: Well, you certainly need help.
Man 2: To help you back?

Man 1: What do you think of yourself?
Man 2: A man of free will.

Man 1: This is not free will.
Man 2: Oh yeah, right. What you are doing here is called free will.

Man 1: Do you think this is funny?
Man 2: No, you think it is funny.

A short story in a poetic form

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Photo by Michael Niessl on Unsplash

The Sun awakened me today
I said ‘I will be on my way’

It asked me to put on
my favorite dress
matching the morning sky
I must confess
I love it when it does that

A few minutes later
I was on the beach
Chasing ocean waves
Waving at the Sun
Having all the fun

The Sun looked calm
Unlike when it is too bright
I was glowing like a sunflower
in its dawning light

At that moment
I heard someone laugh
I turned around and
I was in awe
of what I saw


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Photo by Chandan Chaurasia on Unsplash

I am writing our tale
With the bleeding nails
Rubbing the floor with love
Washing it with my tears
I still see your betrayal
I see its stains
I am writing our tale
With the bleeding nails

They say true love never dies
How come ours is dead
Maybe because it was one-sided
You pretended you did
I loved you every second
Clearly, my efforts are in vain
I am writing our tale
With the bleeding nails

Thought of you as the cool breeze
I danced like flame
You always made me play
The waiting game
I have realized it now
There is no one to blame
The world seems upside down
Am I going insane
I am writing our tale
With the bleeding…

Explore it

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Photo by zoo_monkey on Unsplash

Dear Writers,

Happy New Year. I hope you had a good time and you have added new memories to your memory album that you will always cherish.

It is the first letter from the Spiritual Tree to you in 2021, and as I write this, I feel a sense of gratitude for the opportunity this publication has provided, that has allowed me to find my inner peace.

The wind of this new year is happy and full of possibilities. Its freshness is giving me new hopes for the better and brighter year ahead. Are you feeling it too?

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” —…


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Photo by Hari Nandakumar on Unsplash

I was lost in the
maze of life
Surrounded by the
darkness of death
I spent the nights
waiting for the daylight

My soul could not breathe
It felt heavy as it was not free
Yet it fought back
to protect the real me

It tried hard to break
the invisible chains
that only my heart could feel
and only my eyes could see

I had been searching
for the door that could
take me to the other side
My soul kept playing
hide and seek with life

Drenched in sweat
Thirsty for the word of truth
Like an old heart longing
for the song of…

A short story

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Photo by Streetwindy on Unsplash

The air of loneliness did not bother Amy. Today, the starry sky was there to entertain her with the incredible show of the universe.

Sitting in her backyard, Amy looked at the woodfire. The memories of the last New Year’s Eve celebrations began to flash before her eyes when she was in the warm embrace of her husband, and watching the fireworks display.

A month ago, upon a colleague’s death, her husband had to cut his vacation short and report back to work within the week. He was in the United Nations Peacekeeping forces, currently deployed to the neighboring country.

“We will be together on New Year’s Eve.” …


Simran Kankas

Author of ‘Beyond and Within’ — ; My bond with the universe since the childhood helped me find the purpose of my life.

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