My First Verse Novel — ‘Moon in Veil’

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“With reins in my hands, the horse of my dreams is unstoppable and under control at the same time.” — Simran Kankas

When I was a little girl, I did not have anyone with whom I could laugh and share things. Although there were plenty of children with whom I could play, my happiest and sweetest hours were spent in the company of loneliness, which bothered me a lot almost every day. I remember, one night, I was sitting alone on the porch trying to understand the reason for my lonely tears. My tiny mind and sad heart could not…

My First Poetry Book

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Image credit ©️ Simran Kankas

“While walking in life, you leave your footprints behind. Make sure you choose the right path. Someone might follow it someday.” — Simran Kankas

Dreams do come true!

Whenever I get confused about anything or feel overwhelmed, I pick up my pen and diary and start writing. Sometimes writing a poem helps me get the answer to the question running in my head at the time or a simple quote solves the puzzle. I can say with absolute certainty that writing is like a therapy to me.

“Keep on shaking your dreams. That’s the only way to to reach your…

A Short Story with Poetry

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Photo by Samuele Giglio on Unsplash

Dussehra is a Hindu festival. It symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.

One of the stories behind this festival is Ram’s victory over Raavan.

Raavan was the powerful king of the demons. He did penance for years to please Lord Brahma. As a result of which Lord brahma appeared and granted Raavan his boon where he asked not to be killed by gods, demons, or spirits. As time passed by, he got more powerful and arrogant. The demons began to disturb the sages and seers. …

A spiritual poem

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

i can subjugate you
anytime i want
i know all your secrets
my middle name is Haunt

said the Past

i have all the temptations
said the Future
i can lure you into anything
do not ignore me
i am known as torture

i asked the Present
that stood unmoved and calm
like the Past and the Future
do you intend to cause harm

Present smiled and said
i stand strong when
one follows this part
stop running from the Past

when one lives with me
i turn the blank canvas
of the Future into a
creative piece of art


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Image by Kranich17 from Pixabay

thank you for
the hopeful mornings
and peaceful sleeps every night

when people try to restrain me
thank you for making me understand
the true freedom of my thoughts

when I find one reason to cry
thank you for giving me
a thousand reasons to smile

when I feel I am alone
thank you for making me realize
that you are walking along

there is so much cruelty around
thank you for letting me be
a part of humanity

thank you for
every breath I take
thank you for making
me feel alive every day

©️ Simran Kankas 2021…


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Photo by Gabriel Barletta on Unsplash

Shadow is the biggest proof
God sees everyone the same
Unity in diversity
we should be proud of
Those who say the opposite
are a part of a game
of blame and shame

A smile touches one’s heart
Words of love touch one’s soul
Humanity connects one with life
It makes everyone feel alive
Without it, no one feels whole

The world turns upside down
when hate climbs up
way up high
Universal love may
seem impossible
For a good cause
one should always
give it a try

Humanity is what we all should wear This is what we should…

Poetry Sunday

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Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

i could not understand
the feeling in my stomach
the first time i fell for a guy
ditching all my friends
for one person felt
wrong at the time

the first time i was kissed
i turned from a caterpillar
into a beautiful butterfly
my heart skipped a beat but
i got the colorful wings to fly

the first time we made love
like the earth i was
bathing in the moonshine
the look in your eyes
quenched my thirst
when you held me in your arms
i could listen to your heartbeat
just like mine

©️ Simran Kankas 2021…

A Spiritual Poetry

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Image by Boanerges de Barros Junior from Pixabay

I bow down to
the world’s creator
I worship him and his creation
Some days I enjoy the show
of the universe as a spectator
I pour the words of
praise on the paper
Some days I myself
become a performer

Sometimes I feel
I am the moon
enjoying the company of the stars
Seven rainbows born out of me
when the sun makes the raindrops dance

I close my eyes
He puts a smile in my heart
I open my eyes
I smile with my heart

I do not know where I belong when I think of this world…

A Valentine’s Day special poetry

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Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

i do not have to fly solo
on the wings of love
i can reach the heavens above

every time i look at you
my soul falls in love
with the ocean of love
hidden in your eyes

i am walking on the moon
breathing through your love
piercing the skies
living in paradise

i was sitting all alone
with the broken pieces
of my heart
you mended them
little by little part by part

your beautiful eyes
say to me everyday
nothing can tear us apart

your love is all I have your love is all I need with…

Simran Kankas

Author of ‘Beyond and Within’ — and ‘Moon in Veil’ —

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