A spiritual story

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“Why do you keep breaking mirrors?” the girl asked.

A week later, he renounced all the luxuries of life and comforts of the world and started living in the forest in a wooden cabin. In nature’s silence and melody, Eli felt connected with life. His heart was happy.

One day while he was collecting the wood for the fire, the bright glare of something almost blinded him. He blinked a few times and saw the diamonds, not too far from where he stood, scattered far and wide…

My First Verse Novel — ‘Moon in Veil’

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“With reins in my hands, the horse of my dreams is unstoppable and under control at the same time.” — Simran Kankas

When I was a little girl, I did not have anyone with whom I could laugh and share things. Although there were plenty of children with whom I could play, my happiest and sweetest hours were spent in the company of loneliness, which bothered me a lot almost every day. I remember, one night, I was sitting alone on the porch trying to understand the reason for my lonely tears. My tiny mind and sad heart could not…

My First Poetry Book

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“While walking in life, you leave your footprints behind. Make sure you choose the right path. Someone might follow it someday.” — Simran Kankas

Dreams do come true!

Whenever I get confused about anything or feel overwhelmed, I pick up my pen and diary and start writing. Sometimes writing a poem helps me get the answer to the question running in my head at the time or a simple quote solves the puzzle. I can say with absolute certainty that writing is like a therapy to me.

“Keep on shaking your dreams. That’s the only way to to reach your…

A Short Story with Poetry

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Dussehra is a Hindu festival. It symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.

One of the stories behind this festival is Ram’s victory over Raavan.

Raavan was the powerful king of the demons. He did penance for years to please Lord Brahma. As a result of which Lord brahma appeared and granted Raavan his boon where he asked not to be killed by gods, demons, or spirits. As time passed by, he got more powerful and arrogant. The demons began to disturb the sages and seers. …

A Poetic Tribute to the afterlife of the lost souls

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Last night
I saw an abandoned street
covered with many stories
I felt their journey
through the cold desert
and excruciating heat

This street has seen
so many ends
that never meet
Last night
I saw an abandoned street

I could not stop turning
pages of my curious mind

I imagined words
jumping up and down
Thoughts thumping around

I felt the poetry of the soul
floating in the air
Emotions along with
the morning coffee
sitting around the corner

A man with hope in his eyes
and wrinkles on his face
giving it a stir
So many words weaving
the love bond…


Image by Mari Orbán from Pixabay

There is a room
where I keep my secrets
It knows my proud moments
and my biggest regrets

The place where it all begins
sometimes it spins with love
sometimes it remains still

The place where
the night shines
when the day dims
Where the winner loses
and the loser wins

I sneak into this room
every now and then
as I walk, stand, or sit
I can’t imagine
my life without it
I would rather die
than abandon it

This room is in my heart
Out of the pain
a new joy starts

Whenever an eclipse happens
and this room…

Did you hear about the new Medium Program?

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“What is planted in each person’s soul will sprout.” — Rumi

Dear Readers,

How are you? I hope you had a good time reading and writing. Whatever you do, don’t forget to give your mind, soul, and body some rest. Spiritual Tree is a perfect place for you to relax. Enjoy its cool shade.

Exciting things are happening here on Medium!

First, it was the bonus (of $500, $100, and $50) which started in April, and now, it is the new program. Things are getting better and better.

Medium is introducing a new payment structure and is inviting a select…

A Prompt decision

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“Stay in the spiritual fire. Let it cook you.” — Rumi

Some of you may be asking yourself, “Where is the prompt for this week?”

Well, effective today, I will no longer be posting any writing prompts at Spiritual Tree.

This decision was not an easy one to make. I have always enjoyed reading your prompt-based stories. It has been an absolute pleasure having the chance to read your work and sharing them with this community.

I hope you will continue pouring your creative energy into this publication.

I love feeling your words. They help me find inner peace.


A short story about making your mark on the world

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Garcia could not contain the excitement anymore and hurriedly opened the gift from her grandfather. But soon, her excitement turned into sadness. The box was empty except for a blank sheet of paper lying inside it.

“It was supposed to be a special gift, Grandpa,” she said in a broken voice. “It is my thirteenth birthday.”

“I know, sweetheart.” Her grandfather picked up the blank sheet and said, “You see, this is not an ordinary blank sheet. It is your destiny. You are the creator of your destinyland. Decorate it with beautiful dreams and design it the way you want…

A Spiritual story about forgiveness and finding peace in one’s heart through compassion

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People love reading books for various reasons. Many such stories teach us great things about life and inspire us to be better human beings like forgiving ourselves and others, the importance of being still, the value of find peace in one’s heart through compassion, etc.

I had read a story a long time ago about how one’s anger can punish oneself. It's the story of the Buddha and the angry man.

Once there was a businessman. He had a teenage son. …

Simran Kankas

Author of ‘Beyond and Within’ —https://tinyurl.com/y6d4jlgl and ‘Moon in Veil’ — https://tinyurl.com/nca84v7m

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